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* Are you looking for a real-time meeting room or desk booking system that delivers instant on demand access to any  workspace resource?

* Do you need a simple solution for no-show problems?

* Do you need accurate meeting room and resource utilization data?

If you need all this in a cost effective, simple but customizable, centrally managed and scalable solution, then scroll down for more information…..


Fully featured digital meeting room sign and hot desk signage software. Works with your existing MS Exchange, Office 365, Google Calendar and IBM (Lotus) Notes calendaring applications and leverages iOS, Android and Windows tablet hardware. ResourceXpress is the leading, flexible, scalable and customizable resource booking solution.

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Front of office directional signage to help you find booked meeting rooms and resources. Fully customizable header with links to ResourceXpress messaging for company news, health and safety, security and alarm testing messages. Works with multiple languages and optional screen sequencing with web page content – travel, news or any other digital information.

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Office floor planning that displays one or more floor maps showing meeting room and hot desk status with optional instant booking, check-in, check-out and extend reservation functions. Multiple floor plans can be linked together to provide multi-site, multi-building, multi-floor or multi-zone views.

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Qubi is the low cost alternative to traditional meeting room touch screens for glass walled rooms and pods. The unique 3.5″ status-indicating light cube features check-in, check-out, extending and instant booking – all simply carried out using RFID cards or tags.

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